Juran Donates Baldrige.com to Baldrige Foundation

BOSTON, MA, November  1, 2013: Juran Global (“Juran”), a leading international business process management consulting firm specializing in delivering measurable breakthrough results, is pleased to announce the donation of the website www.Baldrige.com to the Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Inc. The Baldrige Foundation provides governance, stewardship, and continued assurance of the use of private philanthropic money for the sustainability and growth of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

Joe Defeo

Baldrige.com presently offers insights and information on the Baldrige Framework as an archetype for performance excellence. “We are deeply grateful for the Juran Institute’s domain name gift. It will be used to expand the awareness of the use of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in helping organizations of all sizes and sectors to improve their performance,” said Dr. P. George Benson, Chair of the Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. “It will also make available resources to achieve performance excellence.”

“Our belief is that the United States and most countries around the world need the Baldrige Criteria to help ensure that their countries remain competitive around the globe for decades to come,” said Joseph A. DeFeo, Juran Global President and CEO. “The Award named to recognize Malcolm Baldrige, the late Secretary of Commerce under President Reagan, was considered by Dr. Joseph M. Juran and the Juran Institute as the most important quality management method of his lifetime. All businesses should continue to use the model and prosper from it.”

About the Baldrige Program and the Baldrige Foundation
Created by Congress with the establishment of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1987, the prestigious Baldrige Program is the only public-private partnership with educational outreach and a Presidential award to recognize organizations for role-model performance.

The Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Inc. was created a year later to provide the private sector a means of raising sufficient funds to establish and oversee an endowment that when supplemented by fees from the Baldrige Program would permanently fund the program.  For media inquiries on the Baldrige Foundation, contact Maryann Brennan by phone at 336.918.0844 or by email at mbrennan@baldrigefoundation.org.

About Juran Global

In 1979, Dr. Joseph M. Juran founded Juran Institute, Inc., to provide research and pragmatic solutions that enable organizations from any industry to learn the tools and techniques for managing quality. Building upon Dr. Juran’s foundation, today Juran Global provides consulting, benchmarking, and training services to improve our clients’ business performance. We work with our clients to provide measureable business results while streamlining business processes, reducing costs, and heightening their competitive edge. If you would like more information about Juran Institute, please visit www.juran.com. For media inquiries, contact Michelle Matschke by phone at 800.338.7726, or by email at info@juran.com.

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